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the concept of revitalisation has become very fashionable in recent years. We keep reading and hearing that something has been, is, or will be revitalised. Undoubtedly, the word is sometimes overused in Polish. Revitalisation is confused with words such as: repair, modernisation, renewal, adaptation, or restoration. All of those words denote actions that may be part of revitalisation processes, but they do not substitute it. Revitalisation is a complex concept that should be viewed from the perspective of many different disciplines: economics, environmental sociology and psychology, urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture, but also ecology, law, or politics. Revitalisation projects must take into account the preservation of national heritage present in towns and cities, and support their sustained development.

Launching and implementing revitalisation projects is particularly important in terms of improving living conditions in cities and the quality of public spaces. The effects of such enterprises are visible and, in most cases, praiseworthy. Each one of us could list numerous positive examples; however, not all projects can be considered successful. at times, greenery falls victim to revitalisation projects, even though it is highly appreciated by the inhabitants and is one of the most desirable elements of the city infrastructure (so called “green infrastructure”), as indicated in many studies. for example, prospering “green” city squares, well integrated into city space, with mature plants and old trees, are often transformed into “stone deserts” in the name of architectural integrity.

Let us try to take a closer look on revitalisation projects and check what is worth following, what calls for improvement; let us demonstrate the scale of problems and doubts surrounding the implementation of revitalisation projects, highlighting the role of greenery in the process of revitalisation of public space in cities and towns.

We hope that, similarly to previous years, you will join our discussion in numbers this year. We look forward to exchanging our experiences. Hopefully, the monograph from the conference, as well as our model of best practice, will serve our cities well and contribute to the improvement of living conditions of their inhabitants.

See you in Toruń!

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