Guidelines for paper and announcement authors The layout of the materials should be as follows:

* title

* author

* summary

* body text

* quoted references

* full bibliography

* description of figures and charts

* figures

* charts

* Title in English

* Author – first and last name or university, institute, department, lab, address

* Summary in Polish and English up to 300 words. The summary should contain the core of the paper so the necessity of reading the main text could be avoided.

* Body text:

o Text of the paper, announcement – maximum 15 (paper) or 10 (announcement) A4 pages (1800 characters per page), with figures and charts. The text should be prepared as a Word 6, 7 for Windows file (text.doc).

o Formatting should include:

– Times New Roman CE font, size 12

– normal word spacing – normal line spacing (1,5 line)

– margins: left 3,5 cm, right: 1,5 cm from the edge

– no more than 30 lines per page

– graphic symbols: bold, italic, underlined fonts

– upper case (like oC, dm3), lower case (like K1, ne)

o Text should not include:

– justification

– force word division

– breaking into columns

– frames

o Text should include outline of chapters and paragraphs according to the scheme below: 1. 1.1. 1.1.1. 1.1.2. 1.2. 1.2.1

o Graphics in the text include figures and charts. They should be marked properly – Fig., Chart.

– The figures (black and white) should be processed in one of graphic editors for Windows, with extension *.cdr, *.drw, *.ai, *.eps, *.gif, *.tif. In case of bitmaps the preferred format is *.tif. Bitmaps should be delivered with 305dpi resolution, grayscale (8-bit/pixel), or black and white (1-bit/pixel), scale 1:1. Each figure should be a separate file, with a name corresponding to the number of the figure, for instance fig1.cdr, fig.tif etc. Maximum allowed format of the figures – width 125 mm, height 190 mm. We recommend to use subsequent numbers for the figures, with descriptions placed below.

– Charts should be prepared in Word (insert table) or as an Excel .xls file. A chart should be a separate file with a name corresponding to the chart number, for instance tab1.doc, tab5.xls etc. Maximum allowed table width is 125 mm.

Figures and charts must also be printed.

* Quoted references While quoting bibliography, primarily chronological order should be preserved, then alphabetical order, and finally multiple authors order. Quotations should be marked with numbers [1], [2], …. [8] etc., which correspond to numbers of bibliography placed at the end of each chapter.

* Referred literature References in the text should be marked with information about the author and the year of publishing (Smith, 2005) etc., corresponding to the list of literature and referred materials at the end of each chapter. If you refer to more than one title of the same author from the same year, the references should be distinguished with subsequent small letters of the alphabet (Smith, 2005a), (Smith, 2005b). Then these titles should be placed on the list according to the order of their appearance in the text, also with adding subsequent small letters of the alphabet to the year of publishing. While referring to an Internet paper you should state the author and the date; if no author is stated, first three words of this article should be given. In case no publication date is stated, an abbreviation “nd:” (not dated) is used.

* List of literature and referred materials – Literature items (including Internet) should be compiled basing primarily on the alphabetic order, secondarily on the number of authors, and finally – chronologically.

* The list should correspond to the following pattern: * A book Surname of the author, first letter of the name, year of publishing, title, publisher, place of publishing, referred pages. – A paper Surname of the author, year of publishing, title of the paper, title of the publication, number/series, pages. – Internet Surname of the author, year of publishing, web page title, date of page access, address.

* In case of occasional volumes the surname(s) of volume editor(s) and the full title of the volume should be stated. – In case of archival materials the place of their depositing should be stated. – In case of non-published materials this information should be stated with a note “not published”.

– Figure and chart descriptions should be placed at the end of text file (text.doc) or as a separate file (descr.doc).

– Figures – separate files and printouts.

– Charts – separate files and printouts. In order to avoid mistakes please observe these guidelines strictly.

Remember that the deadlines for the final paper submission is 15th March. 2010. Papers delivered after the deadline will not be published in the conference materials. In case of any questions please contact: Jerzy Piotrowiak tel. +48 (56) 65 22 400, +48 (56) 65 22 322 e-mail:,

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